The clubs and organizations that Lincoln College offers allows our students to become involved in campus events, joining student groups, working on campus, taking part in residence hall activities, being a fan of Lynx athletics, and much more. Getting involved is one of the best ways in which to experience college life.

Students who get involved on campus gain new outlooks, expand their social circle, and even choose majors or career choices based on their experience with a club or organization. Getting involved with a club or organization, allows you to make friends with similar interests, gives you insight about people, and helps to develop responsibility and teamwork.

How Do I Start?

Look over the clubs and organizations listed. View the list of officers and e-mail addresses, and if interested request information. Visit the Student Center to meet the student leaders who can provide you with information and resources to help you get involved on campus and answer questions about involvement at Lincoln College.

Involvement Fairs

Involvement fairs are held twice a year, with one being in the fall and the other in the spring. This is a great way to get a glimpse of all clubs and organizations and to meet the officers to get more information.

Rule of 7

Any group of seven or more students is officially recognized as a student organization and may participate in group activities. Groups must be approved by Student Services and have a designated adult to serve as a driver for activities that require transportation.

Club Policies

All campus sponsored clubs must be approved by Student Services and the organization may not discriminate in its membership nor engage in initiation practices that are disruptive to campus life or of potential danger to students. All clubs must also have an active sponsor who is a member of the Lincoln College faculty or staff and have a philosophy and method of operation that contributes to constructive campus life.