Get Involved at Lincoln College!


The Department of Student Activities emphasizes student involvement in the Lincoln College campus community, which positively affects student retention, social enrichment, and academic success. The department promotes major events and programs and enhances the efforts of the student clubs and organizations by providing quality advisement, assistance, and effective leadership development programs. It also coordinates programming and promotes student events through social media, monthly activities calendars, flyer postings, and email.

The variety of activities hosted at Lincoln College are not just for the students, but for the entire campus. They allow our students to participate with faculty and staff which helps build a better community for everyone. The department also coordinates intramurals and encourages participation from the entire campus community to promote healthy living, ethical decision making and social engagement.

Where Do I Start?

Student Activities operates out of the Meyer-Evans Student Center which is at the hub of campus activities. Department offices, meeting facilities, recreational games, and dining operations make this a popular destination for  the campus community and the center of daily life. The Meyer-Evans Student Center is a great place for students to take a break from studies, to meet up with others from the campus community, and spend time around our coffee bar for a drink or to hang out with other students on campus.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the Student Center please feel free to contact Zach Landers at (217) 735-7370.